The Oak Ridge Technologies quality assurance program (QAP) is guided by DOE Order 414.1D which sets down the overarching requirements for a government-compliant quality assurance system. Our QAP is also in full compliance with Holtec International’s quality program which is premised on 10CFR50 Appendix B, 10CFR71 Subpart H, ASME Section III NCA-3800, NQA-1 and ISO-9001:2015.

Furthermore, additional quality assurance requirements are often embedded in the project specifications reflecting the unique exigencies of a federal project. To accommodate the QA imperatives of the various supervening authorities, we follow a QAP structure that is fungible and customized to meet the need of each project. Meeting the QA requirements of 10 CFR 830, Subpart A, for conducting activities including providing items or services, that affect or may affect, nuclear safety of DOE nuclear facilities is an example of this customization.

The Project Manager is the custodian of the Project Execution Plan, and is solely responsible to maintain it on the company’s network for ready access to all project team members, and to ensure that the client has the latest revision. The overriding objective of the Oak Ridge Technologies QA program is to ensure that the systems, structures and components (SSCs) contracted by the Company meet their intended functional requirements in full compliance with applicable federal regulations.

Configuration Control

The Company’s QAP requires that all activities that are Safety Significant must be prescribed and accomplished in accordance with defined quality procedures. Methods for complying with the applicable quality criteria are also required to be described within defined procedures and to be recorded on quality records. Quality records are required include qualitative and quantitative acceptance criteria in order to verify that Safety Significant activities have been satisfactorily accomplished.